If you're like us, your old Nintendo game cartridges are probably collecting dust in your parent's attic, or stuffed into a closet somewhere. You might want to go dig them out after you hear about the North Carolina woman who recently sold a rare game for more than $17,000.

'Stadium Events' is known to enthusiasts as the “Holy Grail of video games.” Published by Bandai in 1986, all the original copies were supposedly destroyed when the game was rebranded as 'World Class Track Meet.' Only 2,000 copies were ever made and fewer than 200 ever made it into the hands of the public, making it one of the most sought-after rare finds for video game collectors.

The lucky (so far unnamed) finder is a North Carolina woman who bought the game for $7.99 at her local Goodwill store. She took it to a local video game shop, who confirmed that the cartridge was legit.

The game, which was opened but in good condition, just sold on gamegavel.com for $17,510. Nowhere near the $41,300 that a sealed copy sold for a few years ago, but still not too shabby for an eight-dollar investment at the Goodwill store.

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