A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far removed from the notion of a third Star Wars trilogy every getting off the ground, rumors and development of a live-action Star Wars TV series buzzed about in every direction. We’d thought for certain that The Force Awakens, for all its sequels and spinoffs had firmly put that idea to bed, but a new rumor suggests Disney may draft a new Star Wars TV series to shoot in between films.

Take this one with an asteroid’s worth of salt for now, but the strongly-reliable Badass Digest places at least some stock in a new Cinelinx report that suggests development on a live-action Star Wars series remains ongoing, though no formal plans will officially begin until all the movies sort out their respective release dates.

The reason? In order to make a live-action Star Wars series properly set within the universe of the movies, the show would potentially film at the same Pinewood Studios housing film production, thereby utilizing all the same sets and props. As the report states, Disney and Lucasfilm would need to suss out the entirety of its film schedule before any TV development team could begin formally budgeting a series.

Perhaps most interestingly of all however, while story group and development team have yet to draft anything official, one idea would see a character from the upcoming Star Wars novels as a player in the series.

It isn’t a great deal to go on just yet, but considering the ever-expanding model of modern cinematic universes, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Star Wars covering all its bases with a TV run. Keep it in mind for now, as it could be awhile yet before the film schedule straightens out enough to allow a TV series in between.

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