Stephen Stills knows a thing or two about being a member of a trio. And his new band, a three-piece blues-rock outfit called the Rides, presents one of the more intriguing team-ups of the year.

The longtime Crosby, Stills & Nash member works alongside Electric Flag keyboard player Barry Goldberg and blues guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd on the Rides' first album, 'Can't Get Enough,' which comes out on July 30. Fortunately, we don't have to wait that long to enjoy a taste of the record.

'Rolling Stone' has posted an exclusive premiere of the song 'Word Game,' which Shepherd enthusiastically described as "Classic Stephen: conveying the type of message about the world that he is so well known for. He's just calling people on their hypocritical bulls--t." Stills offered somewhat less effusive praise, saying that "It probably could have used an extra day of practice, but because [drummer] Chris [Layton's] groove is so good, we chose to go with what we had."

As it turns out, what they had was a roiling, guitar-fueled take on a vintage Stills song that had been performed live but never recorded, and a track that, while decidedly short on the spine-tingling harmonies that his other trio is known for, offers emphatic proof that he can still work up a sweat. Check it out here.

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