Say what you want (some of us have) about Steven Tyler, but the mouth behind the lips claims that Aerosmith sales are up 260% due to his involvement with American Idol.

Some hardcore Aerosmith fans, especially those who remember buying ‘Rocks’ as a new release, have been quick to condemn the legendary front man for joining the panel of the hugely popular TV talent show. To hear Tyler tell it, “it wasn’t really accepted up front (within the rock community), mostly from my own band mates because they didn’t know what was going on with the Aerosmith thing at the end. But it’s brought younger kids to our music.”

The other members of Aerosmith were not alone in their questioning of hard rock royalty merging with pop culture television. Slash called his move “disappointing” and Kid Rock said it was “the stupidest thing he’s ever done in his life.” But fellow bad boy rocker Nikki Sixx stood up for Tyler on his syndicated radio show, calling him “a real artist” and declaring, “He knows how to write songs, he plays instruments; he’s one of the greatest singers and one of the greatest frontmen of all time. So who’s better to judge somebody then Steven?”

So even though band mate, and blood brother, Joe Perry once referred to the show as “one step above (‘Teenage Mutant’) ‘Ninja Turtles,’ the truth is in the cards, and those cards have apparently dealt a winning hand to Aerosmith’s back catalog. With season 11 about ready to hit the airwaves, we can only guess that sales will continue to grow. Ultimately, who’s to say Tyler was wrong for joining forces with Ryan Seacrest and the gang. Hey, maybe some of the kids who find out about Aerosmith via American Midol, sorry, Idol, will become fans of not only Tyler & Co., but of real rock and roll in general!

Then again…

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