Looks like Steven is really trying to turn things around for himself and Aerosmith!  He opened up to Howard Stern about what lead to his big fall off stage!

Steven Tyler

Apparently drugs were involved.  (as if we couldn't have figured that out)

Tyler said trouble first began within the band when he took a year off to battle hepatitis C, which he announced in 2006. "It was beyond hell," he said. "Three months in, my wife left me for being unfaithful on the road. All these things, it just crippled me, wore me down." After 12 years of sobriety, Tyler began using drugs again, which led him to fall off a stage in 2009 in South Dakota. "I was using and fell off the stage," he said. "I was snorting f***in' Lunesta. I got 19 stitches, broke my shoulder. No one in the band called me for 27 weeks. It about killed me. I'm Italian so it almost took me down....Joe didn't come visit me."

But it looks like he is on the right road again and also a judge on American Idol!

The band is re-forming in L.A. this Saturday (without Perry) to begin working on its first album of original material since 2001's Just Push Play.

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