A Michigan man from Niles made his national debut the other night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Fredrick Miller, of Niles, Michigan, recently went viral on the internet when trying to purchase marijuana products for recreational use. In the clip that went viral, Fredrick portrayed everything that you think that a stoner would be. He even mentioned that he hoped the experience would have been more like something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

On Wednesday, the crew from Jimmy Kimmel Live was able to track down Miller and get him on the show. The interview, of course, went exactly as you would have expected it to. While hilarious, let's all hope he doesn't run for public office.

During the interview, Jimmy even brought on a special guest. That guest was none other than Bill S. Preston Esquire, Alex Winter. His reaction was everything we hoped it would be. Jimmy even mentioned bringing him on again to get his take on things and I think we all need that to happen.

Source: MLive

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