Adult entertainer and author, Stormy Daniels was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. It is not uncommon when guests on late night talk shows are asked to play a game. That being said, the match game Kimmel asked Daniels to play last night takes the cake - or should I say mushroom?

Referencing a passage from Stormy's book Full Disclosure, the host pulled out a tray of orange mushrooms in various shapes and sizes. Kimmel then asked Daniel's to point out the stump that most reassembled Trump's junk. The game starts at roughly the 8:56 mark in the above video. As you can imagine they talk about much more leading up to the mushroom game.

I do not care if you believe Stormy had sex with President Donald Trump or not - we are all entitled to believe who or whatever we want. One thing I am sure of is that the  mushroom line up was damn funny. Just imagine sitting in a Jimmy Kimmel Live staff meeting, discussing the fact that Stormy is a guest and someone saying - 'I have an idea, how about orange mushrooms?'


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