Being in prison is supposed to be an unpleasant deterrent to crime but a few wealthy drug lords at the maximum Federal Detention Center in Miami are reportedly getting some rather unusual perks: strippers and pole dancers.

Since Florida attorneys can designate anyone as a legal assistant, several are apparently commissioning ladies specializing in the exotic arts to call upon their incarcerated clients. And because paralegals are allowed private meetings with inmates, a “discovery room” normally used to discuss trial strategy recently turned into a de facto club with no two-drink minimum.

Guards shut it down when they realized what was going on, but the girls have reportedly smuggled in porn magazines, alcohol, and money (stacks of singles, we presume). One woman was even caught on video stripping for an inmate in the jail’s Special Housing Unit.

No word on whether body glitter is clogging up the prison shower drains, but attorney Marc Seitles said, “If you want some good people-watching, try the [Federal Detention Center]. It certainly beats paying a cover and waiting on lines.”

[via Miami New Times]