This has been quite the ugly week for school violence.

A student at Florin High School in Sacramento was captured on video throwing school principal Don Ross down to the ground while Ross tried to break up a fight in the lunchroom.

The incident took place Monday. The fight began over a disagreement among students.

Immediately after he hit the ground, Ross, who was not seriously injured, bounced back up to try and hold back the student.

Three students were arrested for their roles in the melee -- two 15-year-olds and a 13-year-old. It's unclear if one of those was the student who threw Ross. The age of the student who assaulted him was also not specified.

Footage of the fight was uploaded to YouTube, but has been removed.

This brawl comes on the same day that a resource officer in South Carolina came under fire for his decision to flip a student out of her desk and drag her across the floor when she refused to leave the room.

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