There are a lot of things I do wrong, and apparently carrying a Subway to-go bag is one of them. Did you know you are supposed to turn the bag horizontally? Mind blown!

It is not as if anything terrible will happen to your foot long when you are carrying it vertically, but this does indeed make much more sense. I also learned from the same Twitter page that Kit Kat bars are called fingers. What? See for yourself below.

Wait - there is more. The same genius also taught me that your McDonald's french fries holder has a flap that you can use for ketchup (see below). This trick does not seem quite as fascinating as the Subway bag and Kit Kat fingers, but nonetheless it is another thing I did not know.

Let that be a lesson, it never too late to learn something new. Oh wait, I think that is already a lesson. Do you have any information on a product that would blow my mind? If so, please share.

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