I have heard the phrase 'Dance like there is no one watching', well how about 'Sing like no one is listening'?

Watch as a man on a subway belts out Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi like a champ. This guy gives zero effs that there are other passengers in the car. I love the man to his right who cracks up, and the girl who I assume is filming, finishes the song by hitting the high notes.

I sing out loud a lot at work - just ask Tony LaBrie and Chris Monroe. Singing in the Banana studio is my specialty. I don't sing out loud in public often, unless I have had tequila that is. I know there is footage somewhere on the internet of Chris Monore and I singing a Bon Jovi song, it may have been Livin' On A Prayer. It doesn't really matter what song it was, I just know it was real bad. It sure did sound good at the time, yes there was tequila.

Have a great weekend, and sing like no one is listening.

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