Apparently having a Yooper accent is now considered sexy according to a recent reader poll by the travel website Big 7. The website ranked the Yoopers accent at #14 of the sexiest accents in the U.S. I think this took many by surprise including Yoopers themselves.

My girlfriend Angelique is a Yooper but luckily for me, she doesn't have the traditional Yooper accent. I can't imagine her talking sexy to me with that Yooper accent while laying in bed together, I'd bust out laughing every time. I've always loved the accent because it comes across sounding so friendly...but not sexy.

According to Big 7, ‘Yoopernese’ is the dialect you’ll hear in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The accent is heavily influenced by the area’s Scandinavian immigrants, so they say ‘yah’ instead of yeah, “d” for “th” (“dere” for there, “dat” for “that”) and ‘eh’ at the end of most sentences.

I don't think it comes as a shock to anyone that Texans have the sexiest accent as they were found sitting at #1 on the list.

For me personally, I think the sexiest accents are found outside the states including France and Australia. There is nothing sexier than a woman French or Australian accent.


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