It's a study, and you read it online, so it's gotta be true right?

In this case, for many, yes actually. Tacos do indeed make bad days better.

A survey done with 2,000 Americans watched their relationship between food and moods. It's basically the ice cream and break-up scenario, except, Tacos.

I am not one of the people in the study, but I can and will vouge, my diet depends on what my mood is and what's going on in my life. Sixty-six perfect of the respondents in this survey agreed with what I just said, according to

Another 65 perfect of those in the study admitted their mood can dictate what they eat while a small percentage admitted they'd skip the salt and go for the sweets.

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HelloFresh conducted a study showing most do eat chocolate, while others go for fast food or candy, and the others go for chips, however, chocolate is the top answer in this poll.

Now, let's get to the taco part, because I know very well you've already stress ate something with chocolate, and chips this week, because so have I.

The study showed that the foods that made people's mood better were tacos at 33%, Bacon and eggs at 32%, while steak came in last at another 32%.

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