Lapeer County Deputy Struck By Car
Deputy Dustin Boyton escaped serious injury last week after being struck by a car while he was investigating an incident on foot. He was walking on the on the side of Maple Grove Road when a vehicle turned off of Imlay City Road and hit the deputy with the right side of the vehicle.
Man Witnesses Accident While Calling Boss [AUDIO]
I stumbled across a recording that I found several years ago, and it's just as funny now as ever.  A man running late for work calls his boss and gets his voice mail.  While leaving the message, he witnesses a car accident and delivers a hilarious play-by-play! Listen and I dare you not to laugh!
‘Mass Casualty’ Air Race Crash in Reno, Nevada
A World War II fighter plane crashed at a popular Air Race in Reno, Nevada, reports the Chicago Tribune -- injuring more than 75 people and at least three were killed. The plane crashed into the stands at the National Championship Air Races at about 4:30 p.m. According to the Chicago Tribune; the plane involved in the crash was Galloping Ghost, No. 177, flown by Jimmy Leeward, a real estate develo
Woman Drives Car Into Water, GPS to Blame [VIDEO]
In many cases, your GPS can be a life saver. In others, it’ll lead your car into a scary neighborhood, the wrong way on a one-way road or worse — into a body of water. A woman who was using the GPS in her rental car while in Bellevue, Washington learned the hard way that you can’t always trust your GPS.
Car Ends Up Parked Vertically [VIDEO]
The blizzard in New Hampshire has gotten so bad that at least one car actually skidded off the highway, ending up stuck vertically in the air. Luckily nobody was injured when this sedan driving on 1-93 buried its nose in the snow and propelled its tail toward the sky. Keep reading to see video of this vertical car crash.