Babe of the Day

Alex Reardon — Babe of the Day
Sometimes, it takes a failure to find a success. Our ‘Checking Out Your Tweets‘ blog posts were kind of a failure but they were successful in finding our ‘Babe of the Day’ for today — Alex Reardon.
Melissa Anne Teixeira — Babe of the Day
There’s not many gals out there who look just as good as a blonde as they do a brunette (we’re talking strictly on the head here you perverts), but then Melissa Anne Teixeira came along and shattered all of our preconceived notions on hair color. We didn’t have many thoughts on hair, everything we k…
Kay de Courval — Babe of the Day
Here we have Kay de Courval. Is it just us or does it seem like she has a rebellious streak? Such an innocent face on top of a body only the Devil could have made.
This burgeoning model from Toronto, Canada has been featured in Nine5Four Magazine, Model Up Magazine and The Hockey News …
Lyndsie Marie — Babe of the Day
Lyndsie Marie is an amateur model from Gettysburg, Pa. Lyndsie loves tattoos and is in the process of getting her sleeves completed. She currently has 13 tattoos and 9 piercings.

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