Beach Boys

Mike Love Wasn’t Happy With the Beach Boys Reunion
Plenty of Beach Boys fans are disappointed with the way the band's much-ballyhooed 50th-anniversary tour, which ended with Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and David Marks "fired" from the lineup, and Mike Love continuing to perform with his own version of the group. But as it turns o…
Mike Love Wants Brian Wilson Back in the Beach Boys
Last year, as the Beach Boys' 50th-anniversary tour wrapped up, Mike Love announced that the group would be hitting the road again, but without original members Al Jardine, David Marks and leader Brian Wilson. This pretty much amounted to being fired, Wilson said at the time. ''I don't know how that…
Beach Boys to Have Highest Charting Album Since 1974
The solid reviews the Beach Boys are getting for their new album, ‘That’s Why God Made the Radio,’ are paying off. According to Billboard, the record could possibly debut in the top three when the album charts are announced on Wednesday (June 13).
The Beach Boys 2012 Set List – Tuscon, Ariz.
Fresh off the new of a new album that will be released on June 5, it was a reunion that was a long time in the making  at the Beach Boys 50th Anniversary tour kick-off in Tuscon last night.
Though the members of the band had been involved in numerous disputes over the past two decades, bygones were b…

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