Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts Makes Surprise Appearance in Detroit [VIDEO]
Charlie Watts sat in with Band2 Tuesday night at The Music Box, an intimate venue inside the Max M Fisher Music Center, home of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. He joined the group for renditions of standards ‘All Or Nothing At All’ and ‘For All We Know,’ both made popular by Frank Sinatra. The group is led by Detroit native and Stones’ touring saxophonist Tim Ries
Celebrating Two Great Drummers Charlie And Bonzo
Checking out the rock and roll birthday calendar. June 2, 1941, born in London, 'The Rolling Stones" drummer Charlie Watts. Starting at the age of 17, Charlie began  playing in a jazz band. In 1963, he would join a new band on the scene The Rolling Stones
Rolling Stone Charlie Watts Hits The Big Seven Oh
Today June 2nd, Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts turns 70 years old.  The rocker has spent 48 years of his life with the Stones, which he says comes as a surprise to him. “I always thought The Rolling Stones would last a year or two because all the bands I’d been in, that’s how long they’d last...