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5 Curses That Could Lift The Lions "Bobby Lane" Curse
Over 50 years have passed and Layne's curse still grips this team like a chimp holds onto the underbelly of its mother when being carried. Yeah, the Bobby Lane Curse nor the Madden curse are going anywhere anytime soon my friends.
Lions Vs Da' Bears: Our List Of Delusional Expectations
look for Trubisky to set an NFL record for completions, touchdowns and most pizzas ordered for an NFL locker room celebration. A downtrodden QB finds new life against the Lions - always happens to the Lions and this Sunday will be no exception.
This Detroit Lion Could Win You A Beer
I'm not exactly sure how to approach telling you this. Football field goal kickers are one of those love/hate things. It starts with the age old argument of whether kickers are even athletes, and extends into how you let everything in a hard fought football game come down to a kick. Both are gr…

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