Sheep Rams Drone Out Of The Sky [VIDEO]
A guy piloting a drone had the urge to record a beautiful sunset over a pasture field with sheep grazing in it. The nice visual turned into an encounter between the drone and an upset Ram.
The drone owner wasn't sure what happened when he lost his signal...
Human Carrying Drone [VIDEO]
Have you ever dreamed of flying with the same simplicity as riding a bike? According to hoversurf.com they have a "hoverbike," an airborne vehicle inspired by quadcopter drone technology.
New Way To Rake Up Leaves [VIDEO]
From the Carl Coffey Back Page a story out of Cottonwood Heights, Utah about a man cleaning up some autumn leaves. Mike Schreurs was in the process of sweeping up the leaves on his patio when his broom broke. Mike being a creative type fires up his drone and voila.
Eagle vs. Drone [VIDEO]
Watch a Wedge-Tailed Eagle, the largest bird of prey in Australia, knock a drone out of the sky, sending it into a tailspin before crashing into the ground. “It survived” said Adam Lancaster about his drone “but I need $100 in parts to get it going again.&CloseCurly…
Drone Gives A Birds Eye View of Lake Michigan [Video]
Evidently this teenager over in Grand Haven named Tommy Sadler got a drone for Christmas. He’s hooked a GoPro camera on to the drone and is having some fun capturing some real cool video. Watch the video captured that he shot along the Lake Michigan coast
Ram Knocks Out Drone And Pilot (Video)
Being an old goat farmer who’s been butted a few times this story caught my eye. It’s a video from New Zealand of a ram letting loose on a drone and taking it out of commission. Then Billy goes for the pilot and wins again.