Easter eggs

Easter Egg Hacks So Easy Even We Can Do Them [VIDEO]
Coloring Easter eggs can get messy. Spilled coloring on the table, the floor, your hands and your clothes. Especially if you have little ones, the project can get messy fast. These easy hacks are sure to narrow the mess margin and the end result can be some pretty sweet looking Easter eggs. Enjoy!
Check Out Botanical Easter Eggs & This Bud’s For You!
Eggs adorned with the delicate shapes of leaves and petals announce the arrival of spring. Learn an old-fashioned way of decorating Easter eggs in Botanical Easter Eggs at Seven Ponds Nature Center tomorrow (3/28) from 10 AM – 12 PM. Wrapped in flowers and leaves and soaked in a natural dye, creating these beautiful eggs are sure to become a yearly tradition. Pre-registration is required. Ages 12