Grateful Dead Belt Buckle Sells for $2,000 on eBay
A Grateful Dead belt buckle designed with the iconic ‘Steal Your Face’ emblem sold for big money on eBay recently. Formed in the style of an Owsley ‘Bear’ Stanley belt buckle, this custom made piece managed to steal more than face; it stole someone’s money, $2,000.00 to be exact.
Jimi Hendrix Vehicle Registration Sells For Over Two Grand On EBay
Jimi Hendrix’ 1969 vehicle registration clearly states, “If you no longer own this vehicle destroy this card.” Thankfully, someone failed to follow through with that instruction giving collectors an opportunity to bid on a vehicle registration originally addressed to the guitarist. This official government document baring Hendrix’ (typed) name sold for $2250.00 on eBay.
eBay Reunites a Man With His Long-Lost Stolen Car of 42 Years
It was 1970 when a thief stole Robert Russell’s 1967 Austin Healey from in front of his Philadelphia home. Even as the decades came and went, Russell never gave up hope of getting back his cherished vehicle. Then, after a recent bout of insomnia, Russell took to eBay and started searching for the sports car.
Woman Sells Her Soul on eBay for $2,000
A down-and-out New Mexico woman has put her “slightly used” soul up for auction on eBay. The starting price is only $2,000, which, if you think about it, is a great price for an immortal soul. Any takers?
5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Guys
It's an ordeal to find the perfect Valentine's gift for the perfect lady. But, hold on there, partner. It's just as difficult (more?) to find the perfect Valentine's gift for the (he's trying) perfect guy. So we've laid out some obvious -- and not so obvious -- guy gifts.