Using the Internet Could Affect Your Memory
Seems Internet resources such as search engines could make you less likely to recall information.
So says a new study, anyway, which sought to discover how likely people are to remember something if they knew they could also find it on a computer.
Les Paul Google “Doodle” Costs Businesses Millions
What started as a remembrance of a music great has cost businesses millions. An "Extreme Tech" report estimates that a recent Google "doodle" in honor of the late guitar great Les Paul ran up a price tag of about 268-and-a-half million dollars in lost productivity…
5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Guys
It's an ordeal to find the perfect Valentine's gift for the perfect lady. But, hold on there, partner. It's just as difficult (more?) to find the perfect Valentine's gift for the (he's trying) perfect guy. So we've laid out some obvious -- and not so obvious -- guy gift…