Man Adopts Girlfriend to Protect Fortune
Now, this is what we call beating the system. A South Florida-based billionaire has legally (and perhaps brilliantly, if it pays off) adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend and not because they are into some seriously creepy role playing that they’ve taken a bit too far outside of the be…
Survey Shows 650,000 Bank Customers Switched to Credit Unions
While Bank of America and other major banks have now scrapped a widely-derided plan to charge customers a monthly fee for using their debit cards, a new survey shows at least 650,000 people closed their accounts with those banks in the past month and fled to more consumer-friendly credit unions.
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Money Stashed In The Attic.
New homeowners occasionally find the odd item left behind by those who lived there previously.
But for one Utah man, the find in his garage didn't require a trip to the dump -- he found $45,000.
And promptly gave it back.
"You can't make plans for money like this that's found in a situation lik…

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