Stove Top Serving Up Thanksgiving Pants [VIDEO]
We all know the feeling of being stuffed after eating Thanksgiving dinner. Why do our pants always seem so much tighter after we eat? What if I forget a container for leftovers? Both of these issues are solved when you wear Thanksgiving Day Dinner Pants from Stove Top!
WTF Do You Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers? Make This [VIDEO]
Thanksgiving is over. We all feel 10 pounds heavier, your family and friends are gone now - but you still have a fridge full of turkey and sides. What ever will you do? If you are like me you will just put it in the microwave and eat it. If you want to step things up make a Thanksgiving leftover cas…
Turn Up Your Turkey With Tequila [VIDEO]
I am not much in the kitchen, unless you consider making a drink 'cooking'. That being said, I think I could be talked in to preparing the turkey this year thanks to this recipe. I think I will skip all of the ingredients and just get the bird and the tequila and call it good. Cheers!

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