Team Hunter Needs Your Help
Hunter Hohman from Lapeer High School is 1 of 128 countrywide selected to represent the U.S in an international wrestling tournament in Australia in July. Team Hunter are doing fundraisers
Young Cancer Patient Has Heartwarming Meeting With His Wrestling Hero
Professional wrestlers may seem like tough guys, but underneath their shiny spandex outfits and long, flowing hair (clearly a sign of ultimate masculinity), they have hearts of gold. Daniel Bryan, for example, recently met with a seven-year-old boy who has had brain cancer for almost four years, and says he's Bryan's biggest fan. It's okay if you need to go grab some Kleenex before you look at the
10 Wrestlers We Would Like To Have Seen in the Elimination Chamber
The WWE pay-per-view spectacle known as the Elimination Chamber takes place tonight. The event includes wrestlers fighting inside a 16-ton structure that gives the spectacle its name. During the past few years, the Elimination Chamber match has become a true highlight of the year, as wrestlers put their careers on the line for a chance to become a world champion. Many have entered, but few have le

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