Could you just imagine owning a big property like this one? Better yet, it sits on the lake and you've got your own pool, sauna, and gym room...

If you're thinking what I'm thinking, it's probably in our wildest dreams.

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However, looking isn't cheating on your current home life, is it?

Take a look inside this Michigan mansion that sits right on the lake in the thumb area.

Take A Look Inside This Michigan Mansion That Sits Right On The Lake

Because you and I probably don't have the type of dough to actually step inside of this 3.5 Million dollar home. Take a tour with me instead...

I couldn't even imagine what I'd do with myself if I owned this big of a home. I probably would never be seen again. I would become the inner hermit that everyone wishes that they could be every day.

I don't see much of a problem with it either, do you?

Imagine the big pool, the gym, the sauna those big open windows.

Maybe it's time that I take a quick trip up to the thumb area.

While winters may get a little cold living on the lake. Our springs and summers are unlike anything else. The fall colors too, are immaculate.

Where's our next stop on our Pure Michigan house tour?

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