Who says crafts can't be metal? As we recently saw, there is a metal-inspired crocheter out there and now comes a new coloring book where you can turn your creations into paper dolls.

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As tipped by Evansville's 103 GBF-FM, Canadian tattoo artist Nathalie Jean has created the book, "Paper Doll Coloring Crafts for Adult Children," which is perfect to help pass the time while self isolating. Jean describes the book as "Not mainstream," stating that it's her "unofficial homage to eclectic taste."

As seen in the photo above, late rock and metal icons David Bowie and Lemmy are two of the featured "dolls" in the book, while you can also piece together your very own Ronnie James Dio, and color him "like a rainbow in the dark" for good measure.

Nathalie Jean / Indiegogo.com
Nathalie Jean / Indiegogo.com

The book features more than just rockers, with the ultimate rebel Pee-Wee Herman, the mistress of the night Elvira, Frankenstein's monster and other pop culture figures included as well.

"During the pandemic I started creating paper doll crafts to share on social media. I thought it would be something to distract people and something fun to share with everyone," said Jean via her Indiegogo page. "My dolls started to be passed around the Internet and I soon realized that people were genuinely into them and showed a level of interest that I was not expecting. I started to receive doll requests and online donations to thank me for my artwork. I received emails from Europe, Canada and the USA showing me the finished results of these dolls, colored and put together."

After the initial interest, Nathalie Jean then decided to turn her creations into a paper doll coloring book, creating 30 pages with different characters. She also launched the Indiegogo campaign to help offset the costs of printing and binding the book. She is seeking $2842 to help her meet the costs and with nearly a month left to go, she's already hit $2093 of that sum at press time. To get in on helping the book come to fruition and to see what perks are available, visit Jean's Indiegogo page.

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