Some form of punishment might have been in order...but wow! No one deserves this.

Who thinks this teacher went too far?

Jennifer Forshey, a 58 year-old teacher for Broward County Community Charter School in southern Florida alleges that a ten year-old male student recently clogged a school urinal.

As a form of punishment, Forshey ordered the boy to use paper towel and his bare hands to unclog it, but authorities say that the paper in the urinal was wet enough to saturate his hands in what smelled strongly like urine.

The young boy's mom also claims that there was no soap in the bathroom where this punishment took place, leaving him to wash as best as he could with just running water.

The teacher involved says she doesn't know what's wrong with exposing a child to urine.

Would any one like to get in line behind me to give this woman a swirly?

More details about the young boy's punishment are in the video below.