Ted Nugent has announced a new studio album, Detroit Muscle, due on April 29.

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He also officially unveiled the LP's first song, a pro-gun anthem named "Come and Take It," which you can hear below.

Nugent previewed the track during a live video stream earlier this year, and is also selling hats and flags featuring the slogan and song title on his website. "In these bizarro, desperate, treacherous times, it is now more important than ever for we the people to make our stand against tyranny and fascism," he declares on his website, "and nothing says it better than the historical colloquialism 'come and take it!'"

The Detroit-born rocker's 16th solo studio effort is his first since 2018's The Music Made Me Do It. It features his current live band, bassist Greg Smith and drummer Jason Hartless. You can hear a minute-long preview of another Detroit Muscle track, "American Campfire," on Deer and Deer Hunting's Pinterest page.

Nugent is scheduled to return to the road in July 2022, after postponing his summer 2021 tour plans "in light of current events" and to protect "the safety of fans, venue staff and crew." You can keep up with his concert announcements at TedNugent.com.


Ted Nugent, Detroit Muscle Track Listing

"Detroit Muscle"
"Come and Take It"
"Born in the Motor City"
"American Campfire"
"Driving Blind"
"Just Leave Me Alone"
"Winter Spring Summer Fall"
"Leave the Lights On"
"Feedback Grind Fire"
"Star-Spangled Banner"

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