With firearm hunting season fast approaching, Michigan's laws on baiting deer may be changing thanks, in part, to Ted Nugent's activism.

Michigan Representative Michele Hoitenga has a Republican ally in Ted Nugent. The outdoors advocate and Motor City Madman testified in September at the House Committee on Government Operations on legislation lifting Michigan's deer bating ban. Today, Hoitenga's bill has passed the House Committee.

Hoitenga, R-Manton, said the ban [on deer baiting] – issued by the Michigan Natural Resources Commission in August 2018 amid concerns about the spread of chronic wasting disease – is hurting outdoor enthusiasts and local businesses. The plan, House Bill 4687, would allow people to engage in baiting during open seasons on deer and elk in Michigan. House Bill 4687 now moves to the full House for consideration.


Nugent, who now lives in Texas, has been critical of his home state, going so far as to say Michigan doesn't qualify as America anymore.

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