I think most of us are familiar with viral challenges. The fact that anyone would even attempt the 'Hot Water Challenge' is beyond me.

Before you jump to conclusions (like I did) and think why in the hell would the teen pictured even do this challenge - he did not do it willingly. A 'friend' of his dumped hot water on him when he was sleeping. WTF? Just look at Kyland Clark, 15, in the video above. Kyland suffered serious burns. I would like to know what happened to the so-called friend that did this? How can anyone with common sense not know that HOT WATER will burn skin and certainly hurt like hell?

If you do have kids/teens - talk to them. There have been some great challenges that have raised a lot of money for different charities, and some that are harmless and just fun. The 'Hot Water Challenge' is not one of those. It's dumb that I have to type it, but I will - DO NOT DO THE 'HOT WATER CHALLENGE'. DUH.




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