Full disclosure, I do not care who wins this weekend on the football field. Will it be Michigan State University? Maybe. Will it be University of Michigan? Maybe. All I want is a great game of football. Both teams are undefeated, so I am hoping for a close game, with each team playing their absolute best. I don't want to see a blow out. I am sure that is not the case for most (if not all) of you.

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What I do care about is game day snacks. Food is a big part of any football party. So is booze, but that is a post topic for another day. I have compiled a list of ten perfect game day munchies. The beauty of my list is that all of these snacks can be made by you or ordered. I tend to go with ordering, but you do you. If you are having a football watching party, be sure to tell your guest to bring a dish to pass too. Why should you have to do all of the work?

I just realized everything on my list is basically finger food. You don't even have to use plates. Slap a roll of paper towel down on your counter and call it good. If you are too fancy for that, I recommend paper plates. Who wants to do dishes? Not this girl.

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10 Game Day Snacks

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