It's 3 Piece Thursday! So, we are featuring the greatest 3 piece bands in Classic Rock.

Some of the greatest bands are 3 pieces. Rush, Nirvana, Green Day and Primus.

For this list, I am just talking about the best Classic Rock 3 piece bands.

Now, Creedence Clearwater Revival didn't make the list and Genesis did. After Peter Gabriel left Genesis, they had a string of like 5 #1 records. CCR did NOT find that success after Tom Fogerty quit.

Next, I think we should talk about the greatest songs by 3 piece bands. Most of mine would be Rush though.

So many WMMQ listeners turned me on to Rush songs. This one turned out to be my favorite.

Did you ever see the Genesis video for Land of Confusion? At the time, it was one of the coolest things ever.

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Joey's Top 10 Classic Rock Songs


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