The first time I heard the song "Walk This Way", it was with Run D.M.C. My introduction to Aerosmith was the rap and rock version that was released in the 80's. The popularity of the song revitalized the trajectory of the Aerosmith band. They were headed down and fast. I believe the song did more for Aerosmith than Run D.M.C. Not long after "Permanent Vacation" came out and Aerosmith capitalized on the popularity of their re-hit and went on to be the Classic Rock band of the 90's.

Another great rock and rap collaboration I still love to hear is Public Enemy and Anthrax.

Some people don't even know, it was Mr. Eric Clapton teaming up with the Beatles on "My Guitar Gently Weeps." Let's do George Harrison, Ringo Starr and "Slowhand."


I LOVE the Queen and Bowie version of Under Pressure. Add Annie Lennox and a crowd singing along and you get the chills.

The guy/girl combo has been great for Classic Rock. One of my all-time favorites you only hear on the lite rock stations is Mike Reno from "Loverboy" and Ann Wilson from "Heart"... "Almost Paradise." I sing this more than I should.

One of the most Classic collaborations ever included a couple blondes....

The song "Close My Eyes Forever" was HUGE for Lita Ford's career. Her and Ozzy teamed up for one of the all-time greats.



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