It's Devil's Night! To celebrate we are jamming out some of the songs about the place where the Devil lives.

FOR REAL THOUGH, we have been living in Hell since March. COVID is Hell. People with Down Syndrome are 10 times as likely to die from complications from COVID than typical people. That stat scares me more than anything I have ever heard in church or in real life, as I have a 3 year-old with Down Syndrome.

Hell is no joke but there are some AWESOME songs about it! Speaking of kids and Hell. Pat Benatar starts us off with " Hell is for Children." A song about child abuse. This will remind you of how much Pat Benatar KICKS ASS!

The best Classic Rock song about Hell comes from Stryper! A Christian band who tells the Devil where to go.

That was a bit of a joke. The best songs about Hell are from AC/DC...

And Black Sabbath... We're off to the witch.

I'll even throw the Grateful Dead in there... It's Devil's Night/Day/Morning/Whatever.

Mom. The Meatloaf! We WANT IT NOW! The video below has a big F bomb at the end. Not safe for work.

How about some evil Space Clowns with a song about the temperature in Hell.

Pink Floyd with a Classic from the Wall.

ZZ Top kicks ass... DON'T EVER FORGET THAT.

Make sure you Raise some Hell! What would Halloween be without a little Trick?

Remember... If you wanna get to Heaven, you gotta raise a little HELL!

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Bonus HELL! My favorite song about Hell.

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