I don't normally do the Dew, but that is about to change. Check this out, Mtn Dew with alcohol is coming our way. What a time to be alive.

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Before you get to excited, you will have to continue to blend your own boozy Mtn Dew concoction until early next year, that is when Hard Mtn Dew is set to hit shelves. Three flavors will be available, regular Mtn Dew, Black Cherry and Watermelon. All three feature zero sugar, no caffeine and five percent alcohol.

I have to give Mtn Dew credit where credit is due (pun intended), to my knowledge they are the first popular soda brand to add balls, I mean alcohol. Sure Coca-Cola recently released a coffee flavored coke - boring. Don't get me wrong I love a great cup of coffee and a diet coke mixed with Jim Beam, but these new Hard Mtn Dew flavors sound pretty damn good and a little white trash - which I love.

That actually gives me an idea for a tasting party when he boozy beverages are available. I don't quite have the name of the event worked out yet, but it will definitely be some type of theme party. I am thinking somewhere in a field with fireworks and definitely mullets or mullet wigs required. I will keep you posted on that.

In the meantime, if you are now craving a Mtn Dew cocktail, you can make your own over the weekend. According to Google, the best liquors to mix with Mtn Dew are rum, tequila or gin. I think you know my pick between the three.






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