As someone who loves to endlessly scroll through Zillow, I tend to focus on the homes that are WAY out of my price range. In fact, I found such a house in Kalamazoo and wrote an entire article about it.

But, that got me thinking. What does the cheapest home for sale in Kalamazoo look like? Full transparency...I was expecting something that was run down, something that needed some work, or something that would make me immediately say, "PASS!" After all, you usually get what you pay for, right?

I'm delighted to say that I was wrong.

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A few things. First, this is a manufactured home which definitely takes down the price wherever you are. Not because it's a bad thing but, because it doesn't cost much to build. Secondly, I have done zero research on the area and therefore do not know if there's another factor contributing to the low price.

Currently the home is priced at $68,900. Here are some of the features listed on Zillow: 

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Full Bathrooms
  • Central Air
  • Appliances
  • Cost of new furnace and air conditioner included in sale price
  • Attached Carport

The home is listed by George Norg at My State MLS.  He can be contacted at 269-353-4500.

And now it's time for the tour! Here's the cheapest house currently for sale in Kalamazoo:

The Cheapest Home for Sale in Kalamazoo Is Actually Pretty Nice

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