The 2nd annual Michigan Food, Beer and Wine Fest has opened its doors and the party has begun! See what you're missing as well as what's to come here!

In addition to sampling delicious food, beer and wine, guests are currently being entertained by acoustic duo Untamed Beauty. Also set to tonight is Justin Rose of Frequency 54, who will take the stage around 4:30p.

The mood is quite relaxed as attendees are sipping beer and wine and playing giant Jenga and cornhole on the grassy area in the middle of arena 2... that was not a typo --  there is grass in the Perani! The lights are turned down and the party is on!

In addition to over 100 Michigan beers and 60 Michigan wines (click here for the full list), there are plenty of delicious foods including a wide variety of jerky and delicious pork sliders from Country Smoke House. Other highlights on the menu include:

  • Giant Pretzel Bread Sticks w/ Cheese Dip from Zippy's Pizza of Flint
  • Chicken Dumpling Soup from Remington's Food & Spirits
  • Chicken Queso Dip (which I can confirm is delicious) from Tia Helita's
  • Chicken Tortellini w/ Alfredo Sauce from Luigi's Restaurant
  • Cookies and Cupcakes from Tasty Layers