The Winey Cow is hosting their first annual buck pole on Sunday, November 15th, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. That is opening day of regular firearm deer season here in Michigan.

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You don't have to hunt to enjoy this all day event. There will be vendors on site, and plenty of food including cider, donuts, chili, and hot dogs. If you do hunt, and you do bag a buck with the biggest rack, you will win $150 cash money. Additional prizes on the pole will be given away in the following categories,

  • First Lady
  • First Man
  • First Youth Male
  • First Youth Female

Maybe I should back up and make sure you are familiar with 'The Winey Cow'. Think about the name for a minute - it's 'winey' as in wine and 'cow' as in cheese. You have not experienced fresh homemade cheese until you have had it at from The Winey Cow. I am telling you, owner Toni Oliver and her staff make the best cheese you will ever taste.

The store also features additional snacks, gift baskets, party trays, a unique beer selection, and more. It sounds like one stop shopping for the holiday season as far as I am concerned. I should also mention there will be a warming tent and a bonfire. The Winey Cow is located at 10435 State Road in Millington. (989) 871-2648.

Did I mention there is wine? Happy Hunting.

As if Opening day isn't exciting enough
Bring your deer down to the plaza for our 1st annual Buckpole

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