I had no idea there was quite the tiki resort in Holly back in the day. I'm willing to bet you didn't either. Lets get out our grass skirts and coconut bras to relive the Hawaiian Gardens Tiki Resort in Holly.

According to Critiki, the Hawaiian Gardens Tiki Resort was located on Grange Hall road on the shores of Oahu Lake in Holly and was the place to be. Built in the late 50s, early 60s, this place was decorated with imagery from Hawaii and Polynesian culture:

Aside from hotel rooms, the complex had several restaurants and lounges. The Huki Lau Restaurant "tried to capture the true effect of Polynesia," per the restaurant's menu. The Polynesian Longhouse had full table service and advertised "individually cooked" meals. The Kahili Room served buffet-style food inside the geodesic dome and was available for private rentals. Waitoma Grotto Lounge had rock walls, and "glow worms" in the ceiling, inspired by a visit to an actual glow worm infested grotto cave in New Zealand. The Banyan Court had lots of tropical plants, and windows overlooking Lake Oahu. The Banyan Court itself contained three sub-rooms: the Tahitian Room, Samoan Room, and Hawaiian Room, plus the Monu Chief House, with a 50-story high skylight.

This place sounds like the bees knees! Sadly, the resort closed at some point and was bulldozed sometime in 2005. As you can see from the video from local abandoned locations explorer, Daryl Turcott, now what is left is just a slab.

I wish I would've been around to experience the full glory of Hawaiian Gardens Tiki Resort, because it sounds like it was a fun time according to one comment by, 'Writer Jack':

This was a place of legends. My father and his brothers, all in the Navy during WWII, loved this place. I grew up hearing the stories of Hawaiian Gardens whenever they got together. It always began, "Remember that night at Hawaiian Gardens?" My mom would roll her eyes, my aunts would blush, and one of my uncles would start doing the hula.


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