This is a topic that some media people are afraid to go after, but I’m not at all. In the past twenty years, all of the Detroit sports teams have had their share of dead weight contracts and stiffs. I have a laundry list of these athletes. After you read this, if I miss any of the athletes, you can add to my list.

I am not going to breakdown their contracts, but I will give you all of their names. Here I go.

In baseball with the Tigers, there is Jordan Zimmerman, Joe Nathan, Bobby Higginson, Prince Fielder, Mike Pelfry, Mark Lowe, and you can say Miggy Cabrera’s contract but he’s paid dividends and is a future Hall of Famer.

Then, there is the Detroit Pistons. Man do they have a lot of awful inflated contracts. Let’s start out with Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, Blake Griffin (they took on the Clippers contract), Loy Vaught, Rasheed Wallace, Nazr Mohammed and the late Bison Dele. No matter how good you think these players were, they were overrated and overpaid.

Now for the Red Wings. First of all Mike Green, Stephen Weiss, Johan Franzen, Jordin Tootoo, Brad Richards, Mike Commodore, Derian Hatcher and Hall of Famer Curtis Joseph. But Joseph and Hatcher were at the tail end of their contracts.

The Detroit Lions really haven’t had bad contracts because money isn’t guaranteed in the NFL. But, you could say Matt Stafford was overpaid because they won nothing with him.

These are my Detroit pro-athletes who were overrated and overpaid in Motown. Please feel free to go at it and add to this list!

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