In this day and age, motivated kids can do all the research and studying they want, whenever they want, and wherever they want with smartphone technology. For example, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed from Texas is an aspiring inventor. Instead of going to the library to research electronics and computer programming, he built a digital clock in the comfort of his home. Pretty impressive for a teenager.

Ahmed took the clock to school to show his engineering teacher. Something he didn't predict was the reaction that would be sparked when it beeped during his English class. The teacher confiscated the clock, claiming it looked like a bomb. Later in the school day, Ahmed was pulled from class and interrogated by five police officers.

Not allowed to call his parents, the frightened teen donning a NASA T-shirt was questioned about his last name, Mohamed. He was told to sign a statement or face expulsion, and was then suspended for three days.  At the end of it all, Ahmed was taken to police headquarters in handcuffs to be fingerprinted.

Social media exploded in defense of Ahmed with over 200,000 tweets showing support. Mark Zuckerberg invited him for a tour of Facebook Headquarters, and similar offers have been extended from NASA and MIT. Even President Obama invited Ahmed to being his clock to The White House! Check out the news report below for more details.

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