It's tough to be a teenage boy—all those raging hormones and nobody to help you with that.

But a 14-year-old in Germany figured out a way to scratch that particular itch: He decided to hit the local brothel (which are legal over there). The only problem? He didn't have enough cash to get the kind of action he was looking for. So he snatched about $3,000 worth of his mother's jewelry and pawned it for $380, enough to cover two trips to the house of ill repute for him and a friend.

Believe it or not, Mom wasn't too happy when she realized what had happened. In fact, she pressed charges of theft against her son after he confessed to taking the jewelry.

"We don't know what the mother's motives are for pressing charges," police spokesman Ralf Minet explained. "It's possible she wants to teach him a lesson, or it's possible that she felt she had lost control."

Police are also investigating the brothel, as clients must be 18 and over.

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