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So, it's not that the odds of winning the lottery are against me, I've just been buying my tickets at the wrong store, right? (No offense to K & M Party Store in Gaines, where I occasionally score my heretofore non-winning tickets.)

There is one lottery retailer that is being called the 'Luckiest Lottery Store in Michigan' as it has sold what is believed to be more winning tickets than any other store in the state. Party World convenience store in Comstock Park has sold eight jackpot-winning tickets in the last 15 years, for a combined payout of $62 million.

What makes this store located just north of Grand Rapids so lucky? There's a popular belief in the community of about 10,000 residents that it's all thanks to a four-leaf clover that was found behind the building in 2005.

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A spokesman for the store tells WZZM that soon after the find, the store sold a winning instant ticket that was worth $300,000, awarded a $1 million raffle prize, and then sold a ticket to a customer who was part of a $57 million Mega Millions payout.

"We talked to the gal who is the head of PR for the state of Michigan lottery office and she said we are probably the luckiest store in Michigan," he said.

The jackpot for tonight's (1/12) Mega Millions drawing has climbed to $615 million while tomorrow night's PowerBall jackpot now stands at $550 million.

The odds of winning? For the Mega Millions, it's about 1 in 302 million. Your odds of taking home the PowerBall prize are about one in 292 million.

Good luck.

Check Out the Harper House, a Rare Frank Lloyd Wright Home in Michigan

The Harper House is a stunning home with an incredible view of Lake Michigan. It's believed to be one of just a few Michigan homes designed by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

There are conflicting accounts of the home's age online; it was either built in 1950 or 1959. If the latter is true, this would make it the last home in Michigan to be designed by Wright.

According to the listing, it features Tidewater Cypress and Chicago Common Brick, mitered glass corners, several pieces of built-in furniture, cedar-lined closets, and more. It is simply breathtaking.

The property is reputed to rarely go on the market, but it was just listed for sale by by Anne Gain of @Properties.

McIntyre Keyser Wife Swap -- Here Are the Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

Since my wife Denise and I appeared on the ABC show Wife Swap 12 years ago, our family has fielded a lot of questions about our experience on the show.

Sometimes the questions are innocuous like, "Was it fun?" Others have poked fun and asked if our family really is as cheap as it appeared to be on TV. And some questions have been downright inappropriate.

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions our family has been asked about our appearance on the show.

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