A Michigan university has just announced they've hired a head coach for their 'Ultimate Frisbee' program, which means the scholarship process can begin for elite frisbee athletes.

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What Michigan Schools Have Ultimate Frisbee Teams?

Many schools in the state have Ultimate Frisbee clubs or rec teams, according to Ultimate Frisbee the following Michigan colleges have Ultimate Frisbee teams on campus:

  • Calvin College, Calvin Ultimate, Grand Rapids
  • Michigan Technical U., DiscoTech, Houghton
  • Eastern Michigan University, Fighting Hellfish, Ypsilanti
  • Hope College, Hope College Ultimate, Holland
  • The University of Michigan, MagnUM, Michigan
  • Michigan State, Seven Samurai, Lansing
  • Central Michigan University, Stalin Disc, Mt Pleasant
  • Western Michigan University, YelloWMUstard, Kalamazoo
Courtesy DU Panthers
Courtesy DU Panthers

Which Michigan School has Ultimate Frisbee Scholarships?

Despite having numerous clubs throughout the state, Davenport University in Grand Rapids is believed to be the first college to offer scholarships for their men's & women's teams. When the teams were initially announced in July, the University said the program would be a full-fledged member of the DU athletic department:

Davenport University has announced that it is adding Ultimate Frisbee to its athletic program in 2023-24...With its investment in Ultimate Frisbee, Davenport is planning to offer scholarships to qualified team members.

Courtesy DU Panthers
Courtesy DU Panthers

Who is the coach for Davenport University's Ultimate Frisbee team?

Today the team will begin it's 2023-2024 season in earnest with it's new coach at the helm. It was announced by the team that the Head Coaching position will be filled by Mike Zaagman:

I am excited to be joining the Davenport University family. I believe the resources, exposure and dedication of an established winner will be the envy of every Ultimate Frisbee program. I want to play Ultimate the right way with spirit and enthusiasm.

You can find out more about the Davenport University Ultimate Frisbee team at DUPanthers.com.

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