West Branch is a town in Northeast Michigan, located just outside of the Huron National Forest. It's a town where, while it is a lot closer to civilization than neighboring ones (looking at you South Branch), it is still a great place to relax, recharge and connect with nature.

It makes for a perfect trip "up north" for any Michiganders and we think we have found the perfect Airbnb for you to stay in if you're someone more of the "flower child" variety.

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"The Geodesic Dome"

This home, as it is fully listed on Airbnb, is called "The Geodesic Dome Near the Hippie Circle Google Earth" which we will get to the "Hippie Circle" here in a few.

First, let's take a look at the home and what all it offers for guests:

West Branch Dome Home Airbnb Rental

Let's Talk About the Labyrinth

On the Airbnb listing, the description of what all comes with your stay at "The Geodesic Dome" also says, "There are miles of trails surrounding the Dome and the Host is also the Creator of International Peace Labyrinth on State land near by Pinned as the Hippie Circle on Google Earth."

First, I feel like we all know what a labyrinth is, but is THAT what they are talking about or is it something different?

Second, what makes it a "Peace Labyrinth"?

Well, turns out, when you Google it, there is an ENTIRE website dedicated to finding labyrinths...World-Wide Labyrinth Locator.

Equipped with the information from the Airbnb host, Jeannie, World Wide Labyrinth Locator confirms this place exists and describes it as "classical" and says it is a "7 Circuit Peace labyrinth made from the remains of trees from a clear cut area on state land."

They also share it is 30 by 30 feet and is always open...which makes sense, how can you "close" that?

The only "requirement" is: "When you are done experiencing the energies of the site, thank Mother Earth. Honor the site by leaving a gift of tobacco, corn meal, a flower, or any object that you feel in your heart is appropriate."

Here is what comes up when you search the site:

Image Courtesy of Google Satellite
Image Courtesy of Google Satellite

Now, there's only one question left...who are you taking with you on your "hippie" hideaway vacation?

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