Seth Meyers' 'Late Night' just recently unveiled its Second Chance Theatre, an attempt to let former 'SNL' performers have a venue to show off beloved sketches that never made it to the air on the venerable comedy show. Meyers, however, is not the only former 'SNL' head writer to recycle old material -- Tina Fey did it, too!

Fey hit the show last night to chat about all manner of comedic stylings, including a long talk about the kind of pitches she used to jettison at 'SNL.' Turns out, Al Franken had his own adored sketch that never made it to air -- a little something called "Fart Doctor" -- and though Fey didn't allow it to hit 'SNL,' she eventually stole it for use on her '30 Rock.' Naughty!

Later in the evening, Fey and Meyers also chatted a bit about the current late-night climate -- basically, is there room for a woman? -- and Fey seems nothing but hopeful. Aw, we love you, Tina!

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