When the Titanic was introduced to the world it was described as a spectacular, top-of-the-line, and state-of-the-art cruise line ship. The Titanic was equipped with all kinds of bells, whistles, tricks, and anti-sinking technology to be thought of as unsinkable. As we all know now, that was far from the truth and the Titanic has become a legend in time after sinking in 1912.

The movie, reenactments, books, and everything else that's been made about the Titanic post-sinking has enlightened those of us not present or born yet of the phenomena and its unfortunate demise. Many of the passengers and board members lost their lives that day but there were tons of survivors. Have you ever wondered what happened to some of those passengers?

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Those passengers and board members were from all over the world, including Michigan. There were a few survivors of the accident who made their way to Michigan once they were safe. They would go on to live their lives, doing everything they can to forget about the tragedy they went through, but would all die at separate times. They were all related as it was a mother, daughter, and son who were all buried in a few Detroit area Cemeteries.

In a Tiktok video posted by a user (detroitparadpx), there is an explanation about the family and their burial whereabouts after their encounter with the Titanic. You can watch the video below for yourself. The video explains how after the family survived and made their way back to Michigan, they settled down in Detroit, and eventually all met untimely deaths.

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Mary Joseph

The first was the Daughter, Mary, who lost her life due to a house fire when she was just 4 years old in 1914 just two years after the Titanic sank. She is buried in the Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan. She doesn't have a very noticeable grave, there isn't even a traditional headstone instead, just a small rock engraved with the number "629" is all that represents her resting place. 

Catherine Joseph

The next family member to be buried was the mother, Catherine Joseph. Catherine didn't live much longer than her daughter as she passed away the following year in 1915. Catherine met the end of her life due to tuberculosis and was also buried in the Mt. Olivet Cemetery. She was given a little more grace as she has a more legit headstone that reads her name, date of birth, and death date.

Michael Joseph

Lastly, there was Michael Joseph, who lasted much longer than his sister and his mother, making him the last of the family to be buried. Michael lived until 1991 and he lost his life due to the effects of a stroke at the age of 84. He lived 79 years after the Titanic crash and was eventually buried in the Resurrection Cemetery in Clinton Township, Michigan. He was given the best tombstone out of them all as it was made of marble, had a written passage on it, his date of birth, death date, and a picture of the Titanic visible on the headstone.

Do you know anyone buried in either of these Michigan cemeteries? Do you have a plot already paid for in one of these cemeteries? Maybe you've visited either of these cemeteries and have come across one of these burials. Either way, this is such a cool piece of Michigan history.

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