As far as I can tell, everyone has been eating whatever they want for the last 50 days or so. A healthy diet pretty much went out the window for a lot of us since the coronavirus pandemic happened. Eating and drinking at home, has been our only form of entertainment.

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I know for me, carbs are once again back in my life. Damn you bread and spaghetti! If you planned on starting this week with high hopes of eating healthy, plan on starting tomorrow - today is 'National Eat What You Want Day'. There clearly is a day for EVERYTHING.

I think you can figure out how to observe the day, but if you need instructions, it is simple - eat your favorite foods today. All of them. If sweets are your favorites, go crazy on cake, cookies, and ice cream. If you are a current carb addict like me, eat pizza, then eat it again. I think you get the point. It's your day to eat, eat, and eat, with no regrets or guilt.

Like I said, I think most of us have been eating like 'National Eat Whatever You Want Day', is everyday. If you have put on some weight during the stay at home order, you are not alone. Don't be down on yourself, this is a crazy ass stressful time, and potato chips do help. Food is comforting, there is no shame in your eating game ever, especially today.

So how will you be celebrating? What is your absolute favorite food to eat ? If you want to tell me about all of the veggies you love, they better be sitting on top of a pizza.

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