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Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee certainly shook up the internet last week when posting a full frontal selfie to various social media platforms and it remained long enough to generate quite the response. Though Lee's wife Brittany Furlan was among those who commented on the post with a simple "OH MY GOD," she has since had some fun with the hubbub by sharing a pair of reaction videos to TikTok.

Furlan, who was already a significant internet personality prior to her marriage to Lee, used her platforms to poke fun at the fervor caused by Lee's posting. In the first video, she recreates her initial reaction, picking up her phone and letting out an audible gasp, before following with "what the fuck?!" with a faux voice. She captioned the clip, "Hope that answers all ur questions."

@brittanyfurlanHope that answers all ur questions♬ Hotties under this sound - 11-1

She then posted a second clip, lounging on a beach chair before miming to audio of Family Guy's Lois stating, "Peter, the horse is here." That post was captioned with, "The horse needs to go back into his stall."

@brittanyfurlan The horse needs to go back into his stall 🐴 ♬ petah the howase is heah - your mams fav child 😋👌

Lee himself seemed to have a little fun with the photo shock he provided viewers. After the photo was removed from several platforms, Lee then shared an artistic painting that had been done of the photo by artist Ziva Barrett. She created a brightly colored mosaic of shapes and designs inspired by Lee's tattoos and, um, stuff, over the outline of his body.

"When Tommy Lee "hands" you a dick pic, you don't ask questions, you grab a (big) canvas instead and get to work," said Barrett via her Facebook page.

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